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Employee Assistance Program

We understand at times, employees may face problems in their personal lives that affect their work performance. Implementing an employee assistance program (EAP) in the workplace can help them feel productive, motivated and encouraged.


Our experienced team of 6 Registered and 4 Clinical Psychologists are here to guide your employees through the challenges and obstacles life presents. All of our Psychologists are registered with AHPRA, Medicare Australia and the Psychology Board of Australia and endorsed in their relevant area of practice.

Just some of the benefits of an Employee Assistance Program include:

Employee Benefits:

  • Helps employees feel safe, comfortable and protected: An employee assistance program shows your employees you’re dedicated to their safety by providing counselling resources that can make them feel well-adjusted and healthy.

  • Fast and easy access to confidential and highly qualified support

Company Benefits:

  • Productivity and overall employee performance may increase: An employee who is feeling happier and less worrisome will feel more motivated to work, which can lead to better work performance.

  • Employee turnover rate will decrease: Most employees feel enthusiastic about staying at a company that shows employees they’re valued and cared about. This can lead to employees remaining engaged and motivated to stay at a company long term, initially reducing turnover rate.

We are a local Perth EAP provider ready to support your employees in their journey towards better mental health.

As part of the EAP service, our clients have access to:

  • Employee Assist – confidential counselling services for their staff.

  • Manager Assist – 1-on-1 coaching with a psychologist for managers and supervisor wanting support.

  • Critical Incident Response – urgent psychological support on site (Perth based clients only) following significant event (serious harm or death).

Our services lower rates of workplace conflict, stress-related leave, absenteeism, burnout and turnover rates, while also building rapport and unity between employees and management teams.

Any questions?
We are here for you and your employees.

If you have any questions or would like to know more information about our services, please contact our Practice Manager on 08 6102 6662 or via email at

We welcome your Feedback.

We value your opinion, respect your rights as a patient and welcome your feedback. We invite you to fill out a feedback form by following this link.  We will follow up on all feedback and suggestions. A response will be provided where requested and all feedback remains confidential.

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