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Sarah Philippkowski

Registered Psychologist

Sarah Philippkowski has completed her Professional Masters in Psychology and joins us as a Registered Psychologist. Sarah is a flexible clinician who works predominantly with adults, and has a special interest in supporting parents, children, teens and adults struggling with symptoms of ADHD. Sarah’s passion for suicide prevention has driven her previous work as a crisis mentor and in-shift supervisor at Lifeline. She has also devoted research interest to reducing the stigma around highly sensitive topics in both the public and mental health arena. 
Sarah has experience working with a broad range of mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, OCD, personality disorders, panic disorders, phobias and trauma. Sarah works with clients utilising Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy and EMDR. 
When working with children, Sarah prefers to work through a CPS (Collaborative and Proactive Solutions) lens, bringing parents into the therapeutic space to work with families to see better outcomes and meaningful change. Whether a circumstance be simple, or complex, Sarah attends to her clients with sincerity and compassion. 

Sarah is available for appointments Tuesdays and Fridays for clients aged 13 and above at Queensgate Psychology Centre.


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